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Swift Purge

Launch an assault to cut through the enemy formation. Damage: 200% of Physical ATK
Fan Blades
Rapidly spin on the spot then throw shurikens Damage: 300% of Physical ATK
Floating Leap
When knocked up, press dodge to regain stance. Damage: none
Launch a fistful of mud deliver on target Damage: 800% of Physical ATK
Smoke Screen
When knock down, press ATK to counter enemies. Damage: 230% of Physical ATK
Create powerful shadows to hit enemies Damage: 600% of Physical ATK


Assassin equipments are more on offensive stats, try to upgrade them at the same time. Start upgrading your weapons and accessories, to utilize the role of your class as a DPS

  • Cerberus Set Lvl 25
  • 2 pcs set Effect HP+3000
  • 4 pcs set Effect Def+ 300
  • 7 pcs set Effect ATK+ 200
  • Manticore Set Lvl 25
  • 2 pcs set Effect HP+4500
  • 4 pcs set Effect Def+ 450
  • 7 pcs set Effect ATK+ 300


This video is about a efficient way to increase Battle Points (BP) and keep up with poineer players as soon as possible in your server. Credits to MagicalOppa for this awesome video guide


These are guides for each nest dungeon stages on how to avoid failing runs.


Cerberus Dungeon unlocks at lvl 23 with the limit of 3 Finished runs a day (Including limit purchased of 1) It includes 3 stages, the Twin Minotaur, Twin Ogre and Carcari - the cerberus itself

Stage 1. Twin Minotaur

Both of them has the ability to cast invulnerability aoe which prevents them from taking damage. Make sure to separate them with one of your team members luring and the rest are doing DPS

Stage 2. Twin Ogre

They have the ability to ressurect the other ogre 10 seconds after it dies. Try to kill them at the same time as much as possible

Stage 3. Karkari (a.k.a. Cerberus)

Once his HP dropped to x3, he will cast the black lightning that Kills you instantlly. You have to run inside his belly to avoid it.


The manticore nest unlocks at lvl 33 with 3 stages. The Bavonde Minotaur, Naga and manticore itself

Stage 1. Bavonde the Minotaur

Every 15 seconds, 1 mini minotaur gate will unlock. Each of them has an aoe aura that boost Bavonde. Try seperating them or get rid of the mini minotaurs first

Stage 2. Banshee Naga

On her half HP, she will release poison nova that deals a massive damage aoe. There is always 1 safe spot appears for 5 seconds that prevents you from poison nova. Run there as soon as possible.

Stage 3. The Manticore

Most of his skill are gravitational aoe which pulls you and explodes afterwards. Always run to his back after using each of your skills to untilize your dps and survivability